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Qungle – e-learning platform

Style Guide


Our work on the 'Style Guide' for the Spanish e-learning platform 'Qungle' was a pivotal project aimed at strengthening the visual aspect of the website and providing guidelines for future design work.

Our efforts began with a thorough analysis of the current visual identity and layout of the 'Qungle' platform. Together with the 'Qungle' team, we established goals and values we wanted to convey through the new 'Style Guide.' Our aim was to create consistent and appealing graphic elements that would enhance the aesthetics of the site and enrich the user experience.

In the 'Style Guide,' we focused on defining consistent colors that reflected the character of the 'Qungle' platform and conveyed the appropriate emotions. We also specified key typographic elements that ensured readability and professionalism on the site.

One of the main components of the 'Style Guide' was the layout structure, including section layout, spacing, and guidelines for content and graphic element placement. This ensured consistency and clarity in the design of future sections on the 'Qungle' website.

  • Date:
    12 | 08 | 2020
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