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Jubiler Wrocław

Visual Identity

Jeweler Wroclaw

Our collaboration with the jewelry company was unique as it encompassed a wide range of design and web services aimed at elevating the brand's prestige and recognition.

The first step was creating a modern and distinctive logo for the jewelry company. Our work on the logo focused on emphasizing the luxurious and elegant nature of jewelry products. We carefully selected colors and shapes to make the logo visually appealing and consistent with the company's visual identity.

Next, we embarked on designing certificates for the jewelry products. Our certificates were elegant and meticulously crafted, using high-quality paper to highlight the uniqueness and quality of the offered products. These certificates served both as product information carriers and prestigious presentation elements.

Additionally, we prepared professional business cards that were in line with the company's visual identity, aiding in building a positive brand image.


Our latest task was to create a modern website for the jewelry company. We conducted a complete design process, encompassing both visual and functional aspects. Our website is visually appealing and user-friendly, allowing for easy navigation and access to information about the company's products and services.

Our work is a comprehensive project that enhances the prestige and recognition of the jewelry company. Our graphic and web designs are consistent, elegant, and professional, contributing to the establishment of a strong presence in the jewelry market. Our work highlights the luxury and sophistication of the jewelry products offered, attracting customers and reinforcing their trust in the brand.

  • Date:
    22 | 11 | 2019 -2020
  • Client:
    Jeweler Wroclaw