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Xperience Group

Advertising Materials at the National Stadium in Northern Ireland

Xperience Group

Our collaboration with Xperience Group in Northern Ireland was an incredibly inspiring challenge. We had the opportunity to work on a wide range of graphic projects aimed at enhancing the company's image and promoting its services. One of the most crucial elements of this collaboration was creating a captivating illustration used on the website, brochures, social media, billboards, and dynamic LED displays, all of which found their place at Windsor Park National Stadium. This location not only holds prestige but also provides an excellent space for brand exposure.

Advertising Materials - Visual Identity

Unified Concept

For Xperience Group, our client from Northern Ireland, we created a unified graphic concept that reflects the company's values and professionalism. Our work included the design of four advertising folders, several flyers, two landing pages, an effective newsletter, as well as special printed cards, icons, and graphic materials tailored for presentations and social media. Furthermore, our 3-meter graphic at the brand's reception area serves as a spectacular welcome for visitors.

Advertising Folders

One of our main tasks included designing four advertising folders. Each of them aimed to convey unique information about Xperience Group's products and services, capturing the attention of recipients with its distinctive design and clear message.

Advertising Flyers and Websites

It's worth noting that our work didn't just stop at folders. We also created several diverse advertising flyers tailored to various promotional channels and campaigns. Additionally, we took care of designing two effective landing pages, which served as a crucial entry point into the world of Xperience Group on the internet.

Advertising Flyers and Websites

As part of our efforts, we also prepared a professional newsletter for mailing that helped build relationships with customers and inform them about the latest updates and offers from the company.

Special printed cards, icons, and graphic materials for presentations and social media were additional components of the project that contributed to creating a consistent brand image across various communication platforms.

Our work was complemented by a unique 3-meter graphic placed behind the reception at Xperience Group. This impressive graphic not only leaves an impression on visitors but also aligns perfectly with the company's visual concept.

In summary, our work for Xperience Group was full of passion and dedication, aimed at strengthening and visually distinguishing this reputable company in the market.

  • DATE:
    01 - 12 | 2021
  • Client:
    Xperience Group