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Dancing Avocado

Visual Identity

Tańczące Awokado

Our collaboration with the dietitian 'Dancing Avocado' was full of inspiration and creativity. Our goal was to create a complete package of graphic services that would enhance the brand's image and facilitate its online growth.

We started by creating a unique logo that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also reflects the philosophy of 'Dancing Avocado' – a healthy lifestyle and balance. The logo is now recognizable and associated with professionalism and a commitment to promoting a healthy diet.

Online Store

Next, we proceeded to design an online store, which is a crucial part of 'Dancing Avocado's' business. Our website is not only functional but also visually appealing. We customized the layout, colors, and graphic elements to make the site clear, easy to navigate, and attention-grabbing for visitors. Now, customers can easily browse products, learn more about them, and make purchases online.

The next stage of our work was the production of professional business cards that 'Dancing Avocado' can use in customer interactions and during various events. By selecting the appropriate finishes and paper, we ensured that the business cards reflect the high standard of the dietitian's services.

Graphic Projects

Additionally, we prepared creative social media banners that help promote 'Dancing Avocado's' content and capture the attention of followers. Our banners are consistent with the entire visual identity and create a cohesive message across various social media platforms.

Now, 'Dancing Avocado' has a consistent and professional online presence that helps build trust with customers and attract new audiences. Our work is a key element in the success of promoting a healthy lifestyle and valuable dietary advice from 'Dancing Avocado.'

  • Date:
    18 | 03 | 2023
  • Client:
    Dancing Avocado