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Ready Bau

Graphic Design Projects

Ready Bau

Our collaboration with "Ready Bau" was a fascinating project that involved creating visual identity and various graphic materials.

The first step was to create a modern logo for "Ready Bau." Our team of graphic designers conducted an analysis of the brand and its values, which allowed us to create a logo that perfectly reflects the professionalism and modernity of the company. We chose subdued, elegant colors and clear typography to make the logo easily recognizable and consistent with the visual identity.

T-Shirt Design

Ready Bau

Next, we proceeded with designing the website. Our website design is not only visually appealing but also functional and user-friendly. We ensured a clear layout, easy navigation, and responsiveness to make the website adaptable to various devices. The content on the website was carefully tailored to convey key information about "Ready Bau's" services and values.

The final stage of our work was the production of T-shirts with prints for the company. Our team of graphic designers prepared an original design that incorporated the logo and visual identity of "Ready Bau." The T-shirts were meticulously crafted, and the print was durable and aesthetic.

  • Date:
    18 | 11 | 2019
  • Client:
    Ready Bau