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Peekaboo – Mobile Game

Mobile Game


"Peekaboo" is a unique multiplayer mobile game that takes you on an extraordinary journey full of mysteries and unexpected twists. Our company had the honor and pleasure of working on the creation of this game and all the elements of its graphic environment.

Graphic Materials

When designing the game "Peekaboo" itself, we aimed to create something that would not only provide entertainment but also immerse players in a unique world where every move matters. "Peekaboo" is a game that combines competition with elements of puzzles and solving mysteries, creating a captivating gameplay experience that keeps players engaged from the very beginning.


Twelve additional playable characters were designed and added to the game to enhance gameplay diversity.



Our work extended beyond the game itself. We took care to create an excellent graphic design that reflected the unique character of "Peekaboo." As part of the project, we developed a logo that became a recognizable symbol of the game and its player community. We also prepared a website that served as a platform for promoting the game, providing updates, and interacting with fans.

Furthermore, our design skills translated into the creation of effective advertising banners that helped attract new players to the world of "Peekaboo." We also conducted a successful Google Ads campaign targeted at potential players, increasing the game's visibility and attracting new users.

  • Date:
    11 | 11 | 2021
  • Client:
    Art District