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Natural Soap Love

Logo and package project

Natural Soap Love

Our work on the logo and packaging design for natural ingredient soaps was a fascinating challenge that required considering both aesthetic and ecological aspects.

The first step was to create a logo that perfectly reflects the character of the products - naturalness, simplicity, and environmental care. Our logo is minimalist yet elegant. We chose serene colors that evoke nature and delicate, aesthetic shapes that emphasize the quality of the soaps. This logo is designed to capture customers' attention and be associated with an ecological approach to body care.

Next, we proceeded to design the packaging. Our packaging solutions take into account both functionality and aesthetics. We aimed to use eco-friendly materials that are environmentally friendly and emphasize the naturalness of the products. The packaging design is minimalist yet elegant, making the soaps appear unique and luxurious.

  • Date:
    21 | 07 |2019
  • Client:
    Natural Soap Love