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Agnieszka Światły

Graphic Design, Printing, Website Redesign

Agnieszka Światły

Our five-year collaboration with the bridal salon "Agnieszka Światły" is a period we are incredibly proud of. During this time, we had the pleasure of creating graphic designs that not only strengthened the company's image but also contributed to its success in the bridal fashion market.

The redesign of the website was one of the key aspects of our work. We created a new, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing website design that not only attracted attention but also provided users with a comfortable browsing experience. As a result, "Agnieszka Światły" salon gained a modern online presence, which led to increased website traffic and conversions.

Graphic Design and Printing

The designs of brochures and catalogs for bridal gown collections were carefully tailored to reflect changing bridal fashion trends. Each catalog showcased unique gown designs, capturing the essence of the collection for that year.

The labels on the wedding gowns were designed with attention to detail, giving the products a distinct character. Promotional vouchers were attractive and encouraged customers to visit the salon.

Promotional Materials

As part of our comprehensive work, we also created advertising banners that were used both online and offline, including at trade shows. Our booth designs attracted attention at various industry events.

Our work also included promotional vouchers that were appreciated by customers for the salon's favorable offers. Reward vouchers in the form of large printed coupons and wine glass prints are examples of our creativity and versatility in design.

Five years of collaboration with "Agnieszka Światły" bridal salon are not only a source of satisfaction but also evidence that professional graphic designs can play a crucial role in a company's success. We are proud to have been part of this exciting journey.

  • Date:
    10 | 03 | 2018 - 2023
  • Client:
    Agnieszka Światły