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The design of the holiday card


Our graphic design project for the "Topus" company's holiday card was unique for several reasons. Our goal was to create a card that not only conveys heartfelt wishes but also represents the "Topus" brand as a company that cares about the smallest details.

The first step in our work was to create a graphic design that radiated holiday warmth and elegance. We chose a subdued color palette that evoked the holiday spirit but was also consistent with the "Topus" brand's visual identity. Our graphics were both traditional and modern, allowing us to convey the spirit of tradition and innovation that are part of the company's philosophy.

Choosing the right paper was a key element of the project. We selected high-quality paper that not only emphasized the card's elegance but also provided durability and a prestigious appearance. This paper had a delicate texture that was pleasant to the touch and added a unique character to the card.

The printing process was carried out with attention to detail to achieve high-quality printing, sharp details, and faithful color reproduction. Our holiday card was perfectly executed, confirming the dedication of our team to the project.

  • Date:
    18 Listopad 2021
  • Client: